Wow! I'm blown away. It's only been two weeks and what a difference I can see already. I'm flaking a little but nothing crazy! My eye pigmentation has already lightened. Everyone needs this in their skincare regime.
Can't wait for the full results - after only one week I'm honestly shocked at how my skin is looking. THE GLOW IS REAL!!
Oh my gosh Clara so glad you recommended me The Secret - it's truly amazing! My Pigment is diminished and it's also cleared up a few blackheads and spots I get hormonally... I'm hooked! So great for ageing skin and hormonal oily skin!
Apart from almost immediate results, this is my favourite bit about The Secret. Just so easy to do and fit into 'normal' life as well which is where I've always gone wrong! Over complicating skincare. Thank you!

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When BLANC Skin Clinic owner Dr Clara Hurst and General Practitioner Dr Deb Cohen-Jones met two years ago, they knew they had something special. Introduced by mutual acquaintances, the two Perth-based cosmetic medical professionals connected over a shared love of integrity and efficacy in the products they were prescribing to their loyal patients but saw a gap in the market for a highly effective solution for complex cosmetic conditions.

Meet The Secret Founders

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