Purchasing The Secret

How can I order The Secret?
Orders for The Secret can be made by emailing info@thesecretskincare.com.au or via the order form here

What can I expect from The Secret?
To receive an overview on what to expect please download The Secret PDF here.

Which products are available for a private health rebate?
Our Night Creams may be eligible for a private health fund rebate. These include: Cellular Repair Night Cream, Cellular Repair Night Cream Gentle, Acne Formula, and Total Reset Night Cream. Please check your individual cover by contacting your health fund. 

How can I claim my private health rebate?
The private health fund rebate is variable in its value and applicability depending on the fund itself , your level of cover and whether you have claimed your maximum allowed value.

It is up to the individual patient to claim this rebate and check their eligibility and we are unable to assist with this.

Refund amounts vary amounts depending on your Health Insurance Provider, they can between $60 and $170 for the night creams only. Other products in the range do not normally attract a private health fund rebate.

If you would like to check your cover the key words for your product claim are “schedule 4 items” contained in compounded pharmacy-only topical product.

A detailed invoice from our compounding pharmacy will be provided to you upon collection of your products which you can submit to your health fund for a rebate. We are unable to provide any additional materials than this. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

Shipping & Collection

Where can I pick up my order?
We can post The Secret products to you for $25 if in Australia and internationally for $75. The Secret can be posted to USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Europe.  Alternatively, you may collect your order from Pharmacy 777 in Subiaco, free of charge. You will be notified by SMS when your order has arrived at the pharmacy and is ready for collection. 

How long will it take to receive my Secret Skincare shipment?

Domestic shipping - The Secret Skincare team is aware that once you have committed to achieving the secret glow you might be impatient.
That is why we use multiple shipping partners and express postage to ensure you receive your products in the most timely manner possible.
Unfortunately due to the current worldwide COVID 19 crisis all shipping companies are experiencing delays.
Please refer to the tracking number on your email once your products have been shipped for the progress of your precious parcel.

International shipping- Each country has its own regulations and taxation policy for medical items and importing them.
It is up to the individual patient to check their countries policy prior to ordering to avoid extra taxes or refusal of entry.
The Secret Skincare is unable to refund goods refused entry and takes no responsibility for extra costs incurred.

The Secret Skincare Pricing & Refund Policy

How much does The Secret range cost?

  • Day Brightening Elixir Matte and Dewy 100gm $220 

  • Cellular Repair Night Cream 100gm $220

  • Cellular Repair Night Cream Gentle 100gm $220

  • Pigment Vanishing Night Cream 50gm $220
  • Total Reset Night Cream 50gm $220
  • Pregnancy Night Brightening Cream 100gm $220
  • Pregnancy Clarifying Night Cream 100gm $220
  • Eye Serum 15ml $200

  • Cellulite Cream 250gm $220

  • Acne 50gm $220

  • The Essentials Set (includes Day Brightening Elixir + Cellular Repair Night Cream + Eye Serum) $500 (saving of $140)

  • The Travel Set $400. Includes Day Brightening Elixir 50gm, Cellular Repair Night 50gm and Eye serum 15ml.

 Please note all products are in AUD.

Do you offer refunds?
As our products are individually made-to-order, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Secret

How do I know which products is best for me?
Based on the medical history and skin concern information provided in your order request, we will advise the most suitable products from our range.

What skin concerns do your products address?
We have products that address a variety of skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, dry skin, eye area, prevention and protection, skin recovery, dull texture, visible signs of ageing and sensitive skin.

What product is best for my skin type?
Because everyone has different skin we custom make The Secret products to ensure you are targeting your specific needs.

How quickly will I see results and what should I expect when using The Secret? Is flaking and redness normal?
Flaking is the complexion’s way of shedding old skin. The Secret Cellular Repair Night Cream is formulated with high strength Vitamin A that helps speed up cell turnover, which means old cells flake off in order to make room for new ones. Everyone reacts differently during the transformation process. If you'd like to get an overview on what to expect, please download this PDF.

Do I need to keep The Secret in the fridge?
No, only except for extreme temperatures. Otherwise it should be kept out of direct sunlight in a cool dry place. 

How do I use Cellular Repair Night Cream?
Only a pea-sized amount is required every other night to freshly cleansed, dry skin. You can use your existing skincare on alternate nights and maintain your day regime as normal. Remember to apply SPF every day when using The Secret.

What products can I use whilst pregnant?
The Secret Day Brightening Elixir, Eye Serum and Cellulite Cream are all safe to use during pregnancy. Our standard night cream formulations are not safe to use whilst pregnant, however, we are able to custom make effective, pregnancy-safe formulas for acne, pigmentation and dullness during pregnancy especially for you upon request. Please contact us for more information.

Can I use The Secret whilst breastfeeding?
Yes, The Secret is safe to use while breastfeeding.

Should I apply my skincare to dry skin?
Please only apply our night creams to clean, dry skin as to avoid any irritation. Please do not use any additional products underneath or over the top of our night creams.

How long will my product last for?
With correct use, approximately 5 months. One jar of The Secret is equivalent to one full skin reset cycle, 4-6 months. Following this, we recommend maintaining with The Secret Total Reset Night Cream for 2-3 months and then re-introducing The Secret Cellular Repair Night Cream. 

Do The Secret products have an expiry date?
The Secret skincare has a shelf life of 5 months. This is due to its complex formulation of active ingredients.  We recommend replacing products at this time for optimal potency and best results. For new products a new prescription is required. Simply order again via our website.

Can I use any of the products some way other than what it is intended for?
You should only use The Secret products as per the instructions on the packaging.

Can I use The Secret if I am taking oral vitamin A medications?
Yes, The Secret is safe to use with these medications.

Can I use The Secret in summer?
Yes, The Secret Skincare is safe to use all year round, provided that you wear a high protection SPF daily.

Should I wash my hands after use?
Yes, you should wash your hands after use as some of the ingredients in our products can leave residue.

Do I need to stop using other skincare products?
The only other products we recommend removing from your daily regime are retinoids and Vitamin A and Vitamin C products as The Secret is packed full of vitamin goodness already.

Do I need to use additional products to compliment The Secret?
No, there is no need for additional products when using The Secret other than a gentle cleanser and a high factor SPF. Please contact us if you would like a recommendation on these.

Can I still get other beauty treatments such as waxing, facials and laser while using The Secret?
Please always disclose the skincare products you are using to your beauty therapist. They will be able to advise you on whether to proceed with your treatment or if your treatment will need altering. You may need to be more gentle with your skin while using our products so for treatments such as waxing and peels we recommend you cease use of your products a few days before your treatment.

Why can't I find your ingredients listed anywhere?
As a medical skincare range, we are not able to disclose the ingredients in our products. We are always happy to advise you of ingredients upon request however, so please contact us if you would like to know more.

Can I use The Secret with wrinkle relaxing injections or fillers?
Yes. It is completely safe and may enhance the results of these treatments.

Can I use The Secret Acne Formula if I am taking oral antibiotics?
Yes, The Secret is safe to use with these medications.

We hope these were able to answer all your questions! If you have something else you would like to know, please contact us here