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Choose between two different customised treatments for the eye area to extend the secret glow to the eye contour. Our original eye serum acts on contact to eliminate dark circles and puffiness whilst delivering a light moisturiser which acts perfectly under makeup and concealer.  Our night eye elixir is derived using our ingredients made famous by the cellular repair elixir.  It is used at night to treat fine lines, pigmentation and uneven skin in the eye contour region. Best when used in combination as morning (eye serum) and night (eye elixir), the secret eye products will treat your eye contour like no other products available on the market.

Our potent Eye formulation contains three key ingredients to encourage blood flow and replenish moisture to the delicate eye area, deliver antioxidant benefits and dramatically reduce puffiness. The result is a firmer, brighter, more youthful-looking eye contour.

Designed for daytime or nighttime use, our Eye Serum utilises smaller molecule designed to deeply penetrate the skin and target dehydration lines. It is the perfect canvas for any concealer to help you avoid any creasing throughout the day.

Designed to perfectly compliment your favourite Cellular Night Repair Cream. This formula utilises medical-strength actives that can only be applied to the skin at night. It achieves intense anti-aging benefits such as smoothing out deeper lines and diminishing pigmentation. ⁣

Deeply hydrating with a beautiful airy texture, this Eye Cream was designed to deliver active ingredients in a gentle manner to the delicate eye contour and extend The Secret glow to your under eye area for your smoothest, brightest and most youthful looking eyes yet.