The Secret X Joseph Hkeik

The Secret is out.. 

... Because we just can’t keep this one to ourselves another moment longer.  

Sydney, we’re about to spill it all. The secret to turning back the clock, the secret to the clear, smooth and glowing skin you’ve always dreamed of is now right on your doorstep. 

We are thrilled to announce The Secret and Dr. Joseph Hkeik are working together in an exciting collaboration with his renowned All Saints Skin Clinic in Double Bay. Previously only available through an online consultation, The Secret Skincare range can now be found in Sydney and available exclusively at the acclaimed All Saints Skin Clinic.  

The Secret Skincare uses prescription-only ingredients known in the inner-most dermatologist circles to be some of the most effective at combating challenging cosmetic concerns such as pigmentation, advanced skin aging, acne and more. Founders, Dr. Deb Cohen-Jones and Dr. Clara Hurst have worked closely alongside real patients with their skin journeys for years. They came to realise each patient had their own individual skin and circumstances, so they listened to their wants and created the fundamentals of what people needed. Simplicity, effectiveness and customisation. A concept like no other was born, The Secret Skincare. 

It is a concept that aligns to Dr. Hkeik like the two were just made to be together. The Secret and Dr. Hkeik share the same skincare philosophies when it comes to their patients, driven by one underlying principle... results. Something that works and gets their patients looking and feeling their best in their own skin. 

Dr. Hkeik says, "I've only been using The Secret for a few weeks but the results I am seeing are simply amazing. I'm excited to partner with these two incredible women and work with my existing clients and show them how The Secret will change their skin and life”  

We know that the skincare industry is saturated with product and skincare philosophies. It can be overwhelming to say the least. If you’re not in the know it’s… hard to know.  

Dr Joseph Hkeik

But if there is anyone who is in the know, it’s Dr. Joseph HkeikThanks to him, his patients are the ones who always seem to be ahead of the curve when it comes to anti-aging and trends in the beauty industry. It’s no wonder he is sought after by even the most high-profile patients. We are so excited to be able to say that The Secret Skincare now shares a part in his incredible story.  

The Secret is well and truly out, and we suppose that makes you reading this right now, the ones in the know.